BETWEEN GOD AND ME

 Conversations I have had on many occasions 
 In my life,

 Have you ever listened? yes, I believe you 
 Have quite a bit.

 The answers to the questions I have asked have 
 Been mysterious,

 I may not at times agreed with you just as you 
 Were disappointed with my path.

 We have a relationship, we both know not as close 
 As we might be,

 I've tried to be a good person but not as good as  
 One can be, I can see.

 These things between God and me are never perfect, 
 Maybe someday,

 I'll keep on trying, I know you'll listen always and 
 Answer in ways not so easy.

 I  wonder why things go the way they do, the struggles 
 And hard times,

 Lessons to be learned I'm sure of, are pain and 
 Suffering ours so that we appreciate?

 Between god and me are many more things to be learned  
 And seen, together we'll be.

                  Keith Garrett                                 

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