"WITHIN THESE WALLS' "

 I'll let you In If a friend you are known to me,

 These built for me walls' of height are a comfort.

 Climb over you will not, the top Is not recognized,

 There Is no door to be removed or forced, no key.

 Within these walls' lies sanctuary for a searching 

 Living here Is all for a man to dream, I feel the 

 All my wants' are at my fingertips' of touch, Imagined,

 I build and I take down, a new level appears' In an 

 To walk out of here I will need to make a door, walls' 

 There's a fear with the chances taken, stronger we 

 Within these walls' I hide,within these walls' I cry,

 Strength and wisdom exist within these walls'.

                Keith Garrett              

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