Love taken for granted, desire and temptation 
 So sinful,

 A smile, a glance from a stranger not yet known, 
 Danger looms.

 One who has everything yet nothing at all, cries 

 Another who seeks' the attention, In return attention 

 Two smiles, two different hearts' wanting adventure 
 Without thought,

 A soul with nothing to lose but will lose, she who 
 Chances to throw it all away.

 Rendezvous, secretly meeting, passion destroys' many 
 Hearts in a circle,

 Pieces of a life scattered, only a misguided feeling 
 From being forever shattered.    

 A body that sins' as another who loves lets out tears' 
 Of forgiveness,

 Does also sin with the life taken from a man with nothing 
 To lose but everything.


   Keith Garrett                                                       

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