A POEM TODAY

 Thoughts, many sights from my mind, visions 
 From the past,

 Dreams about tomorrow, what may be, a poem today.

 To write is a beautiful thing, whatever you want 
 It to be,

 Change the world with a stroke of a pen, fact or 
 Fantasy begins.

 Share with those whom do write and dream, those 
 Who do see,

 Share our stories together as we travel the world    
 And universe.

 We have the ability to take ourselves and others 
 Away to unusual places,

 A poem today about the love between two, the sun 
 And moon.

 Hopes and dreams, struggles and pain of life, what 
 Keeps us strong,

 A poem today that puts a smile on a face, comfort and 
 Strength for a moment.
                     Keith Garrett

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