I AM NOT A RICH MAN

              BUT RICH I AM

 I do not own a home or a treasure chest of gold,

 Stocks and bonds are few, diamonds are a little too.

 I am not a rich man as calculated by statistics and 
 Daily man,

 A special car or a vacation home does not show of my 

 I am not a rich man, estimated by paper money or 
 Material things,

 But rich I am, If life is valued in a simple way, 
 Just a regular day.

 These things are free but of gold bars to me, listen 
 To what makes a rich man,

 If love is in your day then rich you are in a most 
 Special way.

 I can walk and see with my every day, I breathe freely,
 I'm okay,

 A roof over my head, clothes on my back, never to bed 
 Am I hungry.

 So much can cost money, beauty, staying healthy, a song 
 You sing is free,

 But rich I am, with that which is mine and my thoughts 
 Every way.

                Keith Garrett

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