COLORS OF EMOTION

 Sad was the day as a man passed my way, tear 
 Down his face,

 Was blue the shade he wore as he faded beyond 
 My sight?

 Anger was in her heart, on her face shone through 
 Like fire,

 Would red be a noticeable color, a shade she wears 
 Into her day?

 Jealousy fills many thoughts from those with 
 Insecure hearts,

 So is green your color chosen as you journey out 
 Into a world begins?

 Fear Is an emotion, a boy was so afraid that he 
 Huddled in a corner,

 Does he see yellow fore there's a difference as he's 
 Not a coward?

 Pain and despair of the sick and elderly are seen in 
 Our world today,

 Colors of emotion, do they wear, possess the images of
 Black and purple,

 What color of emotion do you wear regularly, what shade 
 On this day.
                     Keith Garrett 

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