SECRET FRIEND

 I was a small boy when first my friend appeared,

 So long ago as now it is that I am much older than.

 A friend that was there whenever I was lonely and

 I did talk to back then, laughed and ran in a field
 Of weeda.

 As I got a year older this friend was not by my side, 

 I would meet others and my friend would stand across 
 Yhe street.

 Pacing back and forth, I was growing older as my friend  
 Remained a child,

 Slowly I had not much in common with my secret friend, 
 The games changed.

 The more I wandered and found, the further the distance
 Between us,

  My secret friend was leaving me, I couldn't hold on as 
  Much as I thought I wanted,

 My friend was leaving me as it was time to go, just as  
 I went away, a friend no more.

                      Keith Garrett

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