WHISKEY FOR MY MEN,

                                  BEER FOR MY HORSES.

  They rise before the sun, breakfast, a day begun,

  Men of a ranch know what it takes to get the job done.

   There is much to do so off they run, dawn to dusk,

    Baling hay, stalls to be attended to, never done.

   Digging posts, mending fences along the road,

   A little fun, men working in the sun.

   Breaking a horse, they become one, now the sun touches the

   The day is done, whiskey for my men, maybe a smoke,

   These horses, like men, work from sunrise till days end.

   Riding them to where the job need be done,

   Pulling a wagon, exercising, or being groomed.

   Part of a ranch, friend's, man and horse,

  They jump and gallop, run like the wind.

   A roundup they work, play in the sun,

   Just as the rest, when the day is done, beer for my

   Whiskey for my men, beer for my horses.

                                         Keith Garrett

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