A WALK IN THE FOREST

 The time is now, Autumn is alive with a different feeling,

 Darkness is longer in the morning, slowly the leaves are 
 Upon the ground.

  Plants and trees grow slower, nature never gives up on 
 The day,

  Animals are busy preparing as Winter is not far away, 
 Earlier the sun fades,

  A thought of a walk in the forest to escape for a moment, 

  Tall trees that cover much of the sunlight that warms 
   The Land we wander,

  Leaves that have piled for many years make a sound 
  Beneath These traveling feet.

  A walk in the forest, so many times I have dreamed of 
  This While trapped elsewhere,
  Quiet, yet not quiet as there are sounds in a place as 
  This Like There are no other,

  A walk in the forest, a dream that I have not yet 
  Discovered,  A reality discovered.
                       Keith Garrett

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