LISTEN TO THE DRUMBEAT 

  Thump, thump, hear the sound that makes the 
  World go around,

  Feel the pounding of its rhythm, the drum 
  Beats hard, The heart beats fast.

  Listen to the drumbeat that lives inside, listen to
  Music, The drumbeat cries,

  Boom, boom, echoes through the sky, thunder is 
  The drum, It beats out loud.

 Wait for the rumbling as the shaking earth trembles
  With an Awesome fear,

 Bang, bang, listen as the sleeping child's heart comes 
 To life In the dark of night.

 Bombs and gunfire sing through the war beaten land, 
 Thump, thump,

  The drum beats slow, the drum beats fast, a mother's 
  Terror  As her son dies.

 The dancing boxer, hard hit as he is dropped to the floor, 
 Beat of his heart,

 Thump, thump, boom, boom, goes his heart like the 
 Drumbeat so slow.

  Listen to the drumbeat, too the sound of wandering feet, 
 Like a drum,

  A first breath of life, a slower, and slower beat of the 
 Fading, going away.

                                       Keith Garrett     

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