WHERE THE GODS STAND

  Looking to the sky I saw light and darkness of a billion 

  Dark were the clouds, through them billions of years of 

 Somewhere beyond are gathered many lifetimes, souls 
 Of the departed,

  From my eyes seen, a stormy sky like so many storms 
 In time.
 The crack of thunder heard by ancestors that rest in 
 Eternal peace,

  I watched the sky move, the energy created was felt 
  From inside.

 The sky is filled with all that use to be traveling 
  Around  And in between,

  There is music in the sky, neverending tunes of laughter, 
  Long lost cries.

  The wind swirls and runs forever just as the first day 
  Had begun,

  The blood of all men and woman are mixed together 
  With all time,

 Where the Gods stand in a kingdom of many beliefs, 
  Spirits From a thousand lands.
                                         Keith Garrett

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