LOST IN THE WILD

  To step outside the world I've known,
  Leave It all behind and those who know me.

  Off on a great journey to see It all,
  Into the wilderness as If nothing else matters' 

  To try things never tried before,
   Experience life through a new open door.

  Perhaps a fear of what lies ahead,
  I trek across the land, survive If I can.

  See many new things from my eyes,
  Into the night I hear nature cry.

  Not expecting never to go home again,
  Lost In the wild Is where my life ends.

                            Keith Garrett 

2 thoughts on “LOST IN THE WILD

  1. It often, takes, a lot of courage, to live outside of our own, comfort zones, and, once we break that very first barrier we put on our own, selves, the rest comes easy, and, everything start, falling into its, rightful, places for us in our lives…

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