DO YOU   REMEMBER ?

              Back in time, many years ago on my mind,

             Drive-in movies as a child, riding your bike,

             Playing cards gave you the sound of a motor.

        Baseball cards and the wonderful world of Disney,

     Spiro-graph, collecting bottles for money, Bito- honey.

    When the Ice cream man drove by you lost your mind,

        Pinball machines, a five cent cone, cartoon shows.

  The wizard of Oz and Peter Pan, Sheriff John was the man,

     Bozo the clown and merry- go rounds, candy and gum.

  I recall the candy man, raindrops keep falling on my head,

  Ferris wheels, fireworks, and a Mcdonald's hamburger so fun,

  Playing with my long lost friends until the setting sun.

    Keith Garrett


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