SINGERS OF A LOST TIME

  Chubby Checker had the peppermint twist,

  Chuck Berry sang out Maybelline.

  Jerry Lee Lewis screaming great balls of fire,

  It was Buddy Holly and Peggy Sue.

  Johnny Cash, his song walk the line,

  Elvis Presley belting out Jail house rock.

  Rick Nelson was the Travelin' man,

  The big bopper with his Chantilly Lace.

  Richie Valenz yelling out La, Bamba,

  Nancy Sinatra and a tune of boots.

  Petula Clark going downtown,

  Patsy Cline singing softly with crazy.

  Janis Joplin giving a piece of my heart,

  Grace Slick chasing white rabbit.

  Pat Boone echoing out April love,

  Little Richard pounding out long tall sally.

  Jim Morrison feeling rider on the storm,

  Jimmi Hendrix in a world of purple haze.

  Robert Plant on his stairway to heaven,

  Eric Clapton, after midnight or wonderful tonight.

  Singers of a lost time, they come to mind.

                            Keith Garrett 


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