TRAIN RIDE

  Awaiting Its' arrival, as here It comes to take 
  Me away,

  Sounds like thunder, rumbling down the track, 
  Puffing black smoke up Into the air, Its' headlight

  This monster of steel Is here, time for me to climb 

  Listen to the hissing from this steam engine, hear It,

  Take off heading through the hills' with much to see.

  From out of the window, stare do I as we pass through,

  Darkness from within a mountain, carved out a passage.

  Tons of rock and dirt hanging above us as we travel,

  Moving through this tunnel Into the light, sun going 

  I listen to the sound of the power of this traveling train,

  Out of the window Is a clear sky, as the light from the 
  Full moon

  Shines down, guiding our way across the land.

                                           Keith Garrett 

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