THEY ARE THE EAGLES'

  As they step on to the stage, these professional four,

  Play as they do, like never I've seen before.

  The lights' shine with colors,' around as they play,

  Their music so brilliant, out come the words'.

  Emotion and energy from the Instruments' they play,

  Songs' from these men touch the heart to this day.

  Don Henley by name, sings' from his soul,

  Back from the seventies, he never gets old.

  Glen Frey started It a long time ago,

  This band Is his, they go where he goes.

  Joe Walsh had his band before he became an Eagle,

  With his guitar and voice, he adds to this legend.

  Timothy B. Schmit the voice of quiet song,

  Along with a guitar makes this foursome completely 

                                     Keith Garrett

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