THINGS' IN ME

 There are In me things, I want not there,
 Feelings' of pain and anger, taken away with 
 The wind,
 Up through the air.

 Letting others' take from me the happiness Inside,
 Just because the words' and opinions' they choose 
 Not to hide.

 My will Is strong, my heart Is filled with care,
 At times I forget that these things' are In me 

 The hope In me, for each day to be better than 
  No giving up do I, fore my strength Inside holds' 
  Opens lifes door.

 Those who I love are kept at arms' length,
  A slight chance there may be, for them to hurt me, 
  You see.

  My mind holds' many a thought, from my lips 
  Come out strong,                                              
 A change I must make now to get along.

  Things' In me, I hold so dear,
  The one I love most, knows' not my fear.

                           Keith Garrett                       

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