TO UNDERSTAND

  Jesus does not speak to me with words that I'll 

  But he knows that soon I'll walk as he did 
  Throughout the land.

  His message has been spoken for all to hear, listen, 
  Just listen,

  For only a second, a moment In time, with my 
  thoughts he speaks.

  My sorrow has taken me to places so hard to come 
  Back from,

 Determined to give a day to those that will accept It, 
  I'm lost.

  Come find this emotionally torn man, tired and 
  Heart broken,

  Bring him back to where the sun shines In his eyes.

  Help him to understand reasons'  for loss and for 
  Things discovered,

  Help him to let go of that which can not be held onto,
  Watch it fly.

  Give him hope and happiness, that he may grab hold 
  Of today,

  Forgive me for my mistakes and the hurt I've layed 
  Upon loved ones.

                             Keith Garrett 

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