A LIST OF THINGS TO BE

  Never an astronaut, dancing slowly upon the moon,

  Flying in a jet across the sky, no, not did I ever fly.

  A football star throwing the ball far, a dream that
  Won't be,

  Under the lights, a victory on a Superbowl night.

  What is it like to be a movie star, pretending to be 
  many things,

  Known everywhere, this is not what I was born to be.

  An Olympic star, a racer of cars, I wanted to be, but 
  That's not me,

  A great writer, a hero of sort would be something I 
  Might be.

  A rescuer of the down and out, a conqueror of 

  I may not be an Einstein of genius, I am good enough 
  For me,

  A list of things to be, how much can one man need?

                                  Keith Garrett

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