A NEW WORLD BEGINS'

  Tomorrow I leave today behind, this year vanishes,

  Gone Into memories, put away like antiques on a shelf.

  What's ahead of me, only God In heaven can know,

  Much lies ahead of me In this land of Imagined dreams'.

  Left behind Is yesterday, many things' to cry about, to 
  Say goodbye,

  Today a new world begins' as If to be born a baby next 
  To mother.

  I'll see things' that were not known to me, days' since 

  More that will be understood by a man with a heart that 

  Lessons' learned but not without teaching have they been,

 This world goes around and around, so what have I found.

  Fore a door that's been opened,mysteriously the wind 
  blows shut,

  A window lifted, opened to a place of freedom for which 
  Is me.

                                      Keith Garrett

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