AN OLD MAN

  I saw an old man, standing in the sand, with cane 
  in hand, Staring out at the horizon,

  I asked of him what his thought's were about,

  He stared at me with a sigh and a smile.

  "I'm one hundred and three as I look to the sea"

  "I've outlived my wife and family"

  "I've had a life, seen many wonderful things"

  "Now an old man, old as the trees"

  "I say old man! what is it like to be one hundred
  And three"

  "I don't know, I only know what it's like to be me"

  I asked of him, would you wish to again be a child,

  He replied, 'my only wish is to again see my wife's smile"

  I asked to him an old man, what's the greatest thing you 
  Have done in such a lifetime,

  His words to me were this, "I married a beautiful wife, I 
  Walked with her in the sand"

  " I saw her smile, and now here I stand"

                             Keith Garrett   

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