LAUGHTER IN THE WOODS

  How deep the woods, into the mist of the early morning,

  Through the trees, my feet walk upon the aging leaves.

  Can't see the sky beyond the trees so high,

  Quiet is the sound as I move along.

  Something there, an echo through the cool, wet air,

  Laughter far off in the distance, no one there.

  I search as it calls to me, my curiosity,

  Listen to it i do with no direction be known.

  Are you there, are you anywhere, someone,

  Laughter in the woods, only laughter in the woods.

  How strange it seems, am i only in a dream,

  The sounds of neverending laughter are here.

  Laughter in the woods, nothing but laughter in 
  The woods.

                                Keith Garrett 

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