"FROM A LONG TIME AGO"

  I lived lifetimes ago on farmland worked with hands, 
  A man's hands,
  A family we were, my wife, children, and animals for pets, 
  Back in time.
  Possibly I went by the name of Sam, a man of principles, 
  Of beliefs,
  My children may have been raised to believe In the Lord, 
  To respect.
  If a wife I did have then she might have been a beautiful 
  She would have been a great cook, a fine and decent person.

  Imagine there would have been much love In our home,

  Working hard from sunrise till sunset would have been 
  This family.
  Friends' and neighbors' with names now vanished Into a
  A town that may have existed but no longer alive, a long 
  Time ago.
  I may have been known as Sam from a long time ago,
  Maybe so,
  Land I may have owned and worked my fingers to the bone.

  It's possible this man of beliefs had a family that he loved so
  I could have had children of which grew up and had families 
  To a man named Sam who may have lived a long time ago,

  Who may have lived with a loving wife, children, and had 
   caring good friends', If I had known you from a long time ago.

                                   Keith Garrett 

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