THE PIED PIPER

  Within the hills one day, It was that I did hear 
  The Piper play,

  Hiding in the grass so deep, witnessed did I, magic
  We would need.

  Music of the piper echoed within ears that could 
  Not hear,

  People from a town called Hamelin had so much 
  To fear.

  This piper, dressed in colorful attire, robe and hat, a
  Musical pipe,

  A deal he made with a council, to rid Hamelin of a 
  Mass of rats.

  With musical notes they were lead to the river of death.

  When they went back on their word and did not pay,

  This mysterious, magical piper took all the children away,

  When the time came that they agreed to pay, the pied piper 

             Never again came to stay.

              Keith Garrett

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