A BOY NAMED PAUL

  I knew a boy, by the name of Paul,

  He went away, late Summer or Fall.

 When he was little, he played in the snow,

 These things I remember, from long ago.

 I think of the smile, he had on his face,

 It fades from my memory, yet there's still a trace.

 When I think of him, it reminds me,

  Of just how fragile, this life can be.

  It makes me feel special, for he came to me,

  Just a short time, before life set him free.

  There was a boy, by the name of Paul,

  He laughed and played, but that's not all.

  He had a life, of which I speak,

  Cut too short, it did not reach its peak.

  I'll think of him, as you do,

 A soul in heaven, a part of you.

 For his mother, Father, and Sister.

                    Keith Garrett

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