100 YEARS FROM TODAY

  Yesterday, what we see as hundreds of years ago is gone,

  History it is to us, read about in books of long lost times.

 The days are always moving along, we do take for granted, 
 The morning,

  The setting sun is a most spectacular sight, heading into 
  The night.

  Here where we stand, may still be standing, another will 
  Be standing,

  100 years from today, the world that we know will have 
  Much changed.

  Just as we wonder, what life was like back in a time of 
  Cowboys and pioneers,

  Tomorrow's people will also wonder and read about our 
  Time and place.

  100 years from today, we will be a part of history, others 
  Will be amazed,

  Just as we are amazed, and dream of those times when the 
  World appeared to be a dream.

                                               Keith Garrett

3 thoughts on “100 YEARS FROM TODAY

  1. This resonates with me, Keith. We see the rapid-fire advances in technology, life change and the wonder of just how much has transpired over the centuries. We also see the negative side of what humanity has done to our world and fear for the centuries to come; we can be a contemptuous lot and perhaps not living long enough to see the global picture 50-100 years from now is a blessing. For many, change is a test on mortality…and reason. Cheers

  2. I imagine some dying at 100 years old and someone being born at the time of his/her death, and that person living to 100 and that same cycle continuing. If you go back in the past 23 times with this cycle, the time of Christ wasn’t so long ago. Just a thought about how “time does fly.”

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