A PIECE OF YOUR LIFE

  Amesbury, Massachusetts, a time long ago,

  You were once so full of life, a young woman 
  with dreams.

  Seasons of four, between warm Summer months 
  And the snow,

  Your lovely smile, energy as only a young person
  Would know.

  A time before there were no children, a teen of the 

  Rock N' roll, Chuck Berry and Elvis, drive-in movies, 
  A young love.

  Who watched you run under the Summer sun, with 
  Whom did you run,

  What was it like to be only seventeen, dancing within 
  A dream.

  Out on a Saturday night, convertible cars, a hamburger 
  Under the stars,

  Did the boys chase you, as you would run with such a 
  Giggle, was this you?

  Your name was Barbara Jean, friends and high school, 
  Back in the fifties,

  A piece of your life, before you became a mother and a 
  Wife, your life.
                                 Keith Garrett

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