I'M JUST A POOR BOY

  No car do I own, socks' full of holes, day by day, 
  An hourly wage,

  I lay there In bed, worrying about tomorrow, a bed 
  Of my own.

  No credit cards' or a bank account, my only money, 
  In an aging wallet,

  A table of food always, dinner as a poor boy will 
  Gladly serve.

  Clothes on my back, shoes that take me to where I 

  Blesses of many, In a world of sorrow and strife.

  I'm just a poor boy, with a smile and a tear, a wish
  And a fear,

  What I lack In gold Is made up of treasure, discovered 
  Every day.

  I'll take a trip somewhere from my mind, to a place of 

  A rich man can't find, where a poor boy can't buy.

  I'm just a poor boy, with so much to give, I give to you,

  I'm just a poor boy, what's a poor boy to do.

                                 Keith Garrett 

2 thoughts on “I’M JUST A POOR BOY

  1. So long as, you have all the necesities of living that you need, then, you’re not, considered, poor, and, being poor, is, usually, by comparison with, others ‘, means of, life, and we shouldn’t, do that.

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