WESTERN WORLD

  The old west, a place where a cowboy could 
  Roam the land,

  Drifters could be seen riding in from the horizon, 
  Long ago.

  Wagon trains with families, seeking that new world 
  Of hope and prosperity,
  Bandits and outlaws, robbing banks, criminals of 
  The day, hanging from trees.

  A western town, where a sheriff walked the street, 
  Trying to keep some peace,

  Gamblers could be heard, drinking and howling, 
  From a saloon long ago.

  Dance hall girls dressed for the time, somewhere 
  Back in a western time,

  The eighteen hundreds, where pioneers carved a trail 
  Through the years,

  Western world, where families worked the land, the 
  Future was a mystery to be Seen.
                 Keith Garrett

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