GHOSTS CAN TALK

  Most of this world never truly believes that life 
  Ends not here,

  Death may not be a misery that we all wait to endure.

  We are surrounded, if indeed you do not believe in this,

  There are those and many long ago spirits which 
  Wander alone.

  Most of us are not enough in thought, or listening to 
  Hear ghosts talk,

  Heaven is there, but why are they everywhere? Ghosts 
   Can talk, they walk.

  We want to believe that we are never ending, fear that 
  We are not forever.

  Odd things happen, strange sounds in the night, misplaced 
  Or lost items,

  They speak in ways we can not ever dream,  watch us as
  We slumber in the night.

                                  GHOSTS CAN TALK

                                            Keith Garrett

2 thoughts on “GHOSTS CAN TALK

  1. Nice. I wrote one about ghosts several years ago. Here it is:

    Ghosts Walk Amongst Us

    Most do not believe in ghosts,
    But I do.
    They walk amongst us everyday.
    Silently, or not, sending us messages.
    Some prophetic, others not.

    Columbus walks amongst us.
    Sending the spirit of exploration.
    Telling us to search the unknown.
    Reminding us that the journey will be hard.
    But not to waiver.

    Washington walks amongst us.
    Reminding us of freedom’s delicate nature.
    Teaching us to stay the course.
    Not to waiver.
    That freedom needs protection.
    Jefferson walks amongst us.
    Speaking of saving the democracy.
    That manifest destiny comes with a price.
    A price that must be paid.
    That freedom is a God given right to all people.

    Sitting Bull walks amongst us.
    Teaching us that no government is perfect.
    That as a people we must control the government.
    And not the government the people.
    That it is the people who form the more perfect union.

    Mahatma Ghandi walks amongst us.
    Making us recognize how to transform a nation.
    As others did, to take down a tyranny.
    Without firing even a shot.
    But with patient determination.

    Rachel Carson walks amongst us.
    Still speaking of the silent spring.
    Urging us to be good Shepard’s of God’s green earth.
    Teaching us the art of investigation.
    To speak when words need to be spoken.

    Henry Ford walks amongst us.
    As does Thomas Edison, and countless inventors.
    Calling on the human spirit to prevail.
    To shine a light into dark places.
    For the better of mankind and the world.

    These ghosts and so many more
    Trod this earth every day.
    You can see them in most everything you do.
    In every place you go.
    In every thing you hold dear, and say.

    Bob Bussey (May 6, 2020)

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