TRIALS' OF A MAN

  Once a child, a small boy from many seasons' past,

  In this time and place, destined to be a man.

  Through many battles, I've had to persevere,

  Like heading Into a strong neverending wind.

  I'm learning to move away from the confrontation,

  Choosing a new direction, energy not wasted.

  Struggling to do everything right as I walk forward,

  Positive lessons' to take ahead, I've learned from my past.

  At one time I put away my faith, put It high on a shelf,

  Keep living, keep moving along, and try always.

   I've had losses, and love lost, but this won't end me,

  In this, things gained simultaneously.

  I still seek some of what's been lost, still within reach,

  Some gone forever, forever a memory.

                               Keith Garrett

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