A DAY IN THE GARDENS'

  On a cool, beautiful, sunny day,
  Just a few clouds' passing, In this colorful place.

 Through paths' of grass, walked as we did,
  My girl and I, admired blooming roses of fragrance 
  That we passed.

  Many colors' of flowers' and shrubs',
  Caught our eyes as we strolled In the breeze and sun.

  Trees of beauty, swayed In the wind,
  And splashing fountains,' sang Into our ears'.

 A small waterfal,l spilling Into a pond,
 As we walked across a small bridge, hand In hand.

  In the trees, birds' were singing to the world,
  As we passed a lovely small cottage, once In a dream.

  Heard did we, a small train In the distance,
  As we looked In wonder, at all living things' In our day.

                                       Keith Garrett  

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