A GAMBLER

  Spin the wheel, maybe a roll of the dice,

  A bad hand at cards, so it's said, you'll lose 
  your shirt.

  Bet on a game, football, basketball, baseball, 
  It's all the same,

  Your wallet is empty, credit cards are O.K.

  Horses are great, this time you feel lucky inside,

  At the finish line, a house could be on the line.

  Deal in drugs, surely a gambler you'll be,

  If it's not the law, a dead man you might be.

  A car thief is a risk, money at your feet,

  End up in prison, oh! what a life you lead.

  Ask of a loan shark, a favor please,

  Put up your life, no friend indeed.

  A gambler, a gambler, in each one of us may be,

  What risks do you take, for all that you need.

                           Keith Garrett 

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