A NEW PARADISE

  I sit back and think of the possibility that we
  May start again,

  If not here, then is there some other place of 
  Peace and happiness.

  In the beginning, we hear about a garden, it 
  Disappeared from us,

 A new paradise, where we can hear the birds sing 
  Without trouble on the horizon.

  Listen to the wind, without the painful, tragic, 
  Sounds of sirens,

  A wonderful island, a new world, where we are equal 
  In every way.

  Money holds no meaning in this paradise home, 
  Where not a soul walks alone,

  Food so plenty, pains of hunger never again, in this 
  New paradise where all are friends.

  Sickness no more, no worries of a cure, that were 
  Learned about many years before,

  A place that sounds familiar, written in story books, 
  A fantasy not believed,

   Believe in this, as once such a place did exist, a lesson 
  Learned if so happens again.
              Keith Garrett

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