There are many things' through our eyes' we see,
  Images of life born to we.

  Each day we awake, pictures are framed,
  In our minds,' colors' are named.

  Blue Is one, like an ocean or sky,
  Green Is another, such as grass or a dye.

  Red Is hot, dangerous, and bright,
  Like lava or fire, when close to your sight.

  Yellow Is soft and warm, alot like the sun,
  Purple Is sweet, like grapes eaten for fun.

  Orange Is a fruit, or a petal of a rose,
  Maybe some candy, or colors' of your clothes.

  Black Is a storm, or the dark of night,
  Sight taken from you, or things' not so right.

  White Is milk, or a polar bear,
  A pair of dice, or skin that Is fair.

  There are many colors,' made to be,
  A favorite for all, and one for you and me.

                           Keith Garrett

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