DEEP FOREST

  Step Into reality, an exotic, and spectacular place 
  Of dreams,

  Realize this world of adventure, and things' not 
  to often seen.

  Somewhat dark, with a hint of light, beaming 
  Through the trees,

  Sounds all around, as the creatures of this land 
  Watch in the shadows.

  There's a misty haze that appears, as the night 
  Shows its face,

  So far away from the not so peaceful, deep forest 
  Of that which breathes.

 Leaves upon the ground, walking among life that 
  Speaks not a word we hear,

  With these feet, we make our way from a magical 
  Getaway of existence.

  This forest, a beautiful deep forest, hiding from 
  the outside,

  Lost In It, may be the heaven, the happiness, a 
  Garden of Eden.

                                         Keith Garrett  

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