There up high, I stare to the wide open sky,

  Watch as I do, you circle round, and round.

  Free to fly, soar with the wind, I see you fly,

  What Is It that you see, as you drift through the air?

  Spread those wings' and sail, sail to anywhere,

  Beneath the stars,' under heaven above, fly.

  What the Lord has given to you Is the gift of flight,

  Fly away, fly away, get lost Into the night.

  Created were you, by he without a face,

  Spirit In the sky, will take you on a special flight.

  Make your journey, through the clouds' moving by,

  Into the sun, that shines from so far away.

  Finish your flight, goodbye, I say farewell, 

  Fly, fly far away.

                                      Keith Garrett 

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