From his death were heard cries of pain,

  A man no more, a girl, a memory, all has changed.

  No more of this Earth, onward a souls journey to 
  Another life,

  Somewhere In heaven, he dwells by the Lord's side.

   With those who loved him, he had a place,

   In their hearts, forever In their thoughts.

  Remembering always that this was a mother's child,

  A sister's brother, a child's father, or a girl who loved him,

   Even though he was not perfect, and sometimes a bit wild,

   He was once a small child who played In the dirt,

    Played In the water, and sometimes got hurt.

  This was his time to go, no more pain or sorrow will he know,

   Up In the sky, fly away, fly.

                                                      Keith Garrett

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