A WAND OF MAGIC

  In hand, a wand would make me a magic man,

  Not even a word and crime would disappear.

  I could stop time, rid the world of trash or pollution,

  Take away the sick waters of rivers and oceans.

  Murder on our land would be stopped with a hand,

  The ill would be no more, cancer but a memory.

  I could run fast or jump high,

  A tear would be one less for all of mankind.

  The cruel slaughter of creatures in the world,

   With a wave from my hand, this would end.

   A wand of magic, need not be that of evil,

  For love and good, the hand that holds this wand.

  A wand of magic is not to be real,

  We can wish, hope, and pray, that it all goes away.

                Keith Garrett                                                     

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