YOU WERE MOM

  I can't quite remember when I first opened my eyes,

  From that moment you were always by my side, mother 
  Of mine.

  You held me when I was hungry, fed me as I drifted 
  Back to sleep,

  Made me feel secure, washed me and made sure I was 
  Always clean.

  When I woke from a scary dream, it was you who took 
  Away my fearful screams,

  You were there when I was down, near and always around, 
  You were mom.

  You taught me about the things that I should know, about 
  The world as I would grow,

  You were a friend, companion, but most of all, you were 
  My mother, you were mom.

  Memories I will never forget, I would trade them all for one
   More day, you went away,

  I will see you again in a different kind of land, you were mom, 
  Thanks for all that you were.
   Happy Mother's Day, in heaven, you rest.  


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