I'M HEADING DOWN THE ROAD!

  I get dressed In the morning and pack my bags,'

  Open the window to look outside, the rain Is nomore.

  Through the clouds' appear a ray of light, just a little,

  Wind blowing strong enough to close an open door.

  A cup of coffee to get me going, breakfast really fast,

  With my things' In my hands, I head for the car, moving 
  Saying goodbye, leaving this place, I'm going away today,

  Nothing left In this town for a poor, lonely man, I'm 
  Walking away.
  I'm heading down the road to a place I don't know, Into 
  The sun,
  Along the way, to me many things' of sight, driving night 
  By night.
  What's been left behind, lives now only In a poor mans' 
   I'll be doing fine, I'll be doing fine, I'm heading down 
  The road,
   I'm heading down the line.

  I'm heading down the road, I'll be searching for you,
  Moving along,
  I'm heading down the road, I'm coming for you, I'm 
                                   Keith Garrett

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