" LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND"

  I stop where I'm standing, looking around,

   What Is this madness born to us all.

   Leaving my work, my home, and the things known 
  To me,

  Go away to a place up high, way back In the hills'.

  There are no people of judgement to listen too,

  The loud sounds' of tragedy lost In my travel.

  There Is no anger or the struggle to survive,

   Out here, only nature to hear me cry.

   Leaving It all behind,

  The life that was once mine.

                           Keith Garrett  

2 thoughts on “LEAVING IT ALL BEHIND

  1. There were toxic people, places and things that I hope will continue to evaporate from my thoughts so they can be left behind. But upon my death ? My carving tools and things I made ? My clothes and shoes ? Family and friends ? My 2017 KIA has only 12,000 miles. I just got my lawnmower fixed. Again. I suppose I’ll be leaving behind everything that was me. I don’t like it, no not one bit.

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