What do i dream, look into my eyes, what do i see,

To you are my eyes beautiful, what do your eyes see.?

My eyes shine in the light, they’re a color of brown,

A face i wear but you do not see, you will not see me.

From these eyes seen are amazing and wonderful things,

In my time there have been tears shown to you, why.?

These eyes take in all that will appear before them,

Do you know me, have you seen me before.

Keith Garrett

4 thoughts on “FROM THESE EYES SEEN

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  3. …streaming forth through my eyes
    straight into my not so innocent mind
    …sights i love others i love to hate, but
    i am blessed to have vision were others lack
    …open your heart and see the invincible
    reality comes from within not from without.
    …see like your spirits sees…

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