High upon the hill I could see him standing there watching,
Not much could  make out of his appearance except he was there.
He was waiting, I had to find out who he was and why he stood there,
I looked up to towards him and began to climb, he just watched my quest.
Tired as I kept moving on up the hill, grabbing onto whatever was within my grasp,
There he stood, I could see him clearer as i climbed higher and higher.
He was an old man with a lantern in one hand and a cane in the other,
Darkness fell upon the land as my climb took longer than it seemed.
Dressed in a robe with a hood over his head as closer I came to him,
I reached for him as he smiled and waved his cane back and forth.
When he removed his hood there he stood an older version of me,
As a young man I stared myself in the face, a look of many years.
There he stood, A long time to climb so high, an old man is he and me.
Keith Garrett


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