The river’s wide, the water rushes down stream,

The sound echoes through the trees, there is you.

As the morning awakes to the rising sun above,

Quiet in the shadows early is still, I think of you.

Winds of the changing season whisper to me,

Days of light are less, where are you, a smile so true.

Birds that fly in the sky hope for another breath of life,

Soar into tomorrow they do, I search for you, for you.

Waves that crash on the nights sandy beach are heard,

Walking the dark shore of earth, I want for you things of beauty.

Beyond the sky a lightened moon so full guide footsteps that travel,

There is me and there is you, where are we, where are you.?

Clouded thoughts but a smile i do wear as each day is a mystery,

A wish for you, a dream for you, happiness and love always for you.

The hills are alive with many years of history, standing strong,

There is history within you, my thoughts of you, love for you.

With a heart that gives, this is you, i drop to my knees,

My everything i would give to you, i would be me for you.

Keith Garrett

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