A roof over my head, a bed to rest my weary head,

Food on the table, a shower and a place to sit.

Healthy inside, a little money so i may survive,

A friend or two, love is really quite a miracle.

Not much do i want as this is about all i need or want,

Things that are still free to enjoy are in my sight.

The rising, morning sun is a sight taken much for granted,

See the sky, the clouds drifting by, look always up so high.

The wind would be beautiful to see, feel the winds beauty,

A smile during a falling rain, a gift with hope will always remain,

Not much do i want, simple things as i live each given day.

Keith Garrett

10 thoughts on “NOT MUCH DO I WANT

    • Thanks for reading, a question? Do you think that there are those on this site who collect and publish others poetry or writing. I worry about my blog now.

      On Fri, Jul 3, 2015 at 8:16 AM, keithgarrettpoetry wrote:


      • To be honest, I’m sure they do! Plagiarism is common enough, inspite of copyright precautions you might take. My view is I write and post for the pleasure it gives me, it’s not commerce for me. So if someone were to usurp my piece, good luck to them, it’s simply a cheap thrill for them, no skin off my back!

        Hope this helps… 😊

      • Good luck to you! My advice, do it, don’t worry about the credit. Lemme know when it’s out, would love to have a read.
        And if you have a couple minutes, would also love for you to go thru & critique some of my stuff.
        Cheers & tc!

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