Stood did i in the early evening watching the sun disappear,

A nice breeze passed me by as i watched the darkening sky.

How far do i have to see for it to be tomorrow, only can be imagined,

Far ahead of me i see many things to be dreamed, i can see tomorrow.

There are hopes of mine that are thought of as i stand here watching the day go away,

I could see what i want to be but the world has its own plan, i think of its destiny.

I see the people coming together as one, making a place of love and peace, i dream,

Reality speaks in between as i fool myself that this is a possibility, not to be.

I could see countries at peace within themselves as well as with all other races,

I stand here in my yard while another day of my life fades, never shall this be.

I could see tomorrow, bombs of destruction dismantled and destroyed, maybe,?

What a dreamer i must be, the world will be gone before this is something i see,

I could see tomorrow, the way i want it to be, what a dream, a possibility.

Keith Garrett


15 thoughts on “I COULD SEE TOMORROW

  1. It is interesting how did you write so many comments yourself…Really …George Carlin. Good luck! “Frank”Frank! Hihih

  2. I don`t judge anybody …but like to be with real person when I talk , the clowns are for somebody else. Have a good day!

  3. Everything is changing….right….nothing is same here. Everything in my place is different color .Old things are thrown out.

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