My days were once of a childhood, free from worry,

That which appeared to be so devastating not quite the same.

I saw myself playing in the dirt, carefree times with you,

Beyond the streets from where we lived, an adventure gone.

Where went yesterday, it went far away from where we sit,

A thought of before comes from all that I have been and seen.

It never comes back but from within our minds, a place of our own,

A thought of before, before I was here, before tomorrow comes.

Keith Garrett


3 thoughts on “A THOUGHT OF BEFORE

  1. I like this poem. It resonates with me as I watch my seven year old daughter play and learn. She is starting to leave behind the honesty and innocence of young childhood in making that transition to tween, teen and beyond. It is a time of sadness, but also intriguing as I begin to get clues of what kind adult she will be.

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