Well! I woke up at two in the morning, oh! not again,

Layed there until dawn, tried hard not to think.

I’ve been here before, nightmare as I am awake,

Tired, so very tired as it feels like the flu.

This can mess up a day, my Saturday is gone,

Plans to get things done, I need to go back to bed.

Have you ever felt like this, staying up most of the night?

It was not my plan as when I went to bed I was very tired.

Good morning everyone, I hope you’ll have a great day,

This is not my way but I think i’ll have to go for awhile back to bed.

Keith Garrett


3 thoughts on “GOOD MORNING!

  1. It is very common, Keith, you can get used to it – and then really struggle to get decent sleep for a whole night I’ve gone for a diet where I cut out the coffee after midday, cut out stress, get lots of exercise, cut out sugar, starch, fat, etc. It hasn’t helped yet, but I am lighter and feel healthier – still can’t sleep. Hey ho! G:)

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