There’s a right and wrong way of thinking on certain issues,

We should all know right from wrong.

Good versus evil is a way we choose to be,

Think before you act, in a instance lives are changed.

There are two roads to walk, two roads of thought,

Choose the right road and possibly an easy stroll,

The wrong road, a good chance in a cage you’ll go.

When acts of horrible violence are from the mind planned,

Reasons why matter not to those shattered families

Whom remain standing in a blood stained land.

Analyzed theories about who did it and why,

Don’t take away the tears from a mothers eyes.

Raising your children, being in their lives,

The signs of trouble are there, don’t close your eyes.

Two roads to travel in a persons thought filled mind,

It seems so simple, why do so many have to die.?

Keith Garrett

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